Books by Beth Vice

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Peace Within Your Borders: Devotions for Homeschoolers (revised with new material)


O, Jerusalem! is a beautifully crafted combination of photos of the Holy Land, interwoven with scripture and prayers for God’s chosen people. The prayer focus for each day of the month will lead you to pray like never before for the peace and well-being of Israel. Come along on the journey, and join believers everywhere in prayer for this nation so dear to the Father’s heart.

When Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits

What’s a princess to do when her husband says he doesn’t love her anymore? Can she recover when her heart is torn away where it once joined his? Most every woman hopes for a fairy tale romance—where she is desired, fought over, and carried to a castle in the sky to live happily ever after. She does her best to be a good wife, and hopes to beat the statistics, and yet, our princess ends up alone and confused when Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits.

My First Bible Memory Book 

Have you noticed how early your children and grandchildren start repeating songs and movie lines word for word? Children have an amazing capacity to memorize! Why not fill them with the life-giving Word of God using this beautifully illustrated book? There is a new verse for each day of the month followed by a short description explaining what it means. It won’t be long before they know 31 verses by heart and are ready to add more to their arsenal.

Forty Days of Lint: A playful twist to prepare your heart for Easter 

No, I didn’t misspell Lent. This delightful devotional is all about lint—dryer lint, bellybutton lint, pocket lint, lint on your clothes, and dust bunnies. Each section introduces a little spiritual house cleaning to prepare your heart for Easter (the Lent season), or any time of year.

 Louie the Lemon

Kids love the whimsical illustrations of Louie and his family tree, and learn with him—it’s okay to be different, the importance of friends, that kindness (even to those who are mean to you) has its rewards, and that each of us has a special purpose to fill. Ages 3-7.

iLove interactive Bible study

Perfect for small group or private Bible study. Experience a multi-faceted worship experience through music and scripture using songs from Rob Baker’s iLove CD (available on i-tunes). Each of the eleven sessions explores the theme introduced in music, followed by scripture study and discussion questions.

The Four Gifts of Christmas

The best Christmas gifts can’t be found under the tree. The gifts of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love can only be found in the Person we celebrate at Christmas, Jesus Christ. Celebrate the season as you travel with those who met Jesus that first Christmas in this wonderful daily devotional.

 Taking Back October: For Believers in Pursuit of Godly Fun

It’s time to reclaim October as a month of faith and fun! Author Beth Vice explores the history and present day practices of Halloween, shares her own story about why she chose to turn away from this season of fear and darkness, and encourages readers with something better. Taking Back October is a handbook of fun activities for families and churches to put into practice. It includes decorating, party, and game ideas, craft instructions, discussion questions for each chapter, and resource lists of books, movies, and music to make the most of this season. This book is a starter kit for families and churches who want to raise their children to be a light in the ever-increasing darkness of this world.

One reading per week to energize and encourage busy homeschool moms who give so much. These devotionals will refresh and nourish home educators, grandparents, and parents who pour themselves out so their little ones can know Jesus. Each devotion is full of personal illustrations and situations that will make you laugh and nod with understanding, and resolve once again to let our wise and capable God carry you and your children through these important years.