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Have You Heard the News? Hope Series #30

Have You Heard the News? Hope Series #30

Eagles are only able to soar because they take advantage of rising air currents. It takes patience to sit still when you’d rather be flying, but they are willing to wait for the right shift in the wind so they don’t have to do as much work. I find patience challenging. Too many times I launch into heavy winds and flap my wings like crazy, and get nowhere fast, until I have no strength left. Does that sound at all like you?

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Hope for Our Children: Hope Series #28

Hope for Our Children: Hope Series #28

God’s Word tells us that good parents give rules and boundaries that expand as our children mature and prove they can make wise choices on their own. It has to start from day one. He tells us not to punish in anger, but discipline with love and a deep desire to help them become intelligent, caring individuals. Discipline provides appropriate consequences so they can learn to practice self-control and make a better choice next time.

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My name is Beth Vice and I’ve been writing professionally since 1984. I live on the beautiful Oregon coast where it’s green and cool (and wet) most of the year. I love to get out and hike with my husband, family, and friends, and dance with my sweetheart. I like strong coffee, rich chocolate, fresh fruit and veggies, flowers, trees, and sunshine. But most of all I love sharing God’s Word and telling others how much He means to me.


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