I would love to be considered for your next event. I’m a teacher at heart and speak with a friendly, conversational style. I like to give the audience opportunities to respond—in prayer, with handouts or notebooks for note taking, and/or small group discussion.  It all depends on the venue and what you want.

Using illustrations from my own life, sound biblical teaching, and sprinkles of humor, my goal is to help others discover more about themselves and live victoriously in Christ. A successful event is when my audience leaves inspired to deepen their commitment to Jesus, or begin one, feeling informed and empowered to take the next step.

Some of my favorite topics:

  • Building a Self-image from God’s Perspective
  • Emotional Healing (divorce, death, addictions, childhood trauma etc.)
  • Parenting and Homeschooling
  • Marriage  and Blended Family Issues
  • Bible Study
  • Praying and Spiritual Warfare

Teachings I have done in the past:

  • How to Get the Most Out of Reading the Bible (and love it!)
  • Bridges: when to build, when to cross, and when to burn them
  • He Knows My Name: exchanging the labels we don’t want for a new name in Christ
  • You Are Wanted: healing after rejection and facing the future with confidence
  • Broken Made Whole: how God takes our broken pieces to make us strong and beautiful
  • Sheltered: walking through the three segments of Psalm 91
  • Roots and Fruit: we can’t bear kingdom fruit unless we are rooted in Christ
  • Color My World: biblical meanings behind colors in the Bible and how we can live them out
  • Led, Not Drive: we have a Shepherd who does not drive us ahead, but walks with us
  • Follow the Leader: how to encourage our husbands, sons, and brothers in spiritual leadership, and then, how to follow
  • Flourish and Thrive: we can all flourish for a time, but only with God can we truly thrive in life

The topics are endless. If you have a theme or scripture you want as your event focus, I can build a presentation to suit your needs.

You can contact me at: sofs21112@gmail.com

Let me know what dates you’re interested in, what topic, and whether you’re planning a one-day event or retreat. If everything sounds good to both of us, I’ll email you a contract to look over and discuss with your council before you sign anything.