Last weekend my husband and I heard of yet another young person committing suicide. She was only 14 and the friend who asked for prayer described her death as “violent.” Our hearts are broken all over again. So many of our youth are giving up on life! Distraught and angry, I asked the Lord, “What can I do to fight this horrible hopelessness in our teens, and in people of all ages?”

Of course, the best way I know how, is to write about the hope we have in Christ.

So, I’ve been deep in Bible study (because I ONLY want to speak what is true) and plan to launch a series on hope, both on my FaceBook writer page, and on this website. They will be different, but connected. I hope you will plan to read them, invite others to join, and take part in the conversation on FaceBook.

I will be aiming each piece especially to the depressed and suicidal, giving reasons for HOPE, and reasons to keep on living, even when things look bleak.

Each “Conversations of Hope” post on my FB page, will have a different title and two questions, inviting people to interact. The first question will be for those who are struggling, or have lost hope. And the second question will be for people of faith to share about their own journey, and how God has given them hope, even in times of trauma or doubt.

At the end of every FB post will be a link to the related article on Epiphany, with more about the topic and examples from the Bible and life. I hope you will share the link with others and help spread encouragement to many, many in this world who are barely hanging on, tempted to believe the lie that killing themselves is the answer.

With God there is always hope!

So be on the lookout for good things from God’s Word. If you’re not already a follower, I invite you to join my writer FaceBook page, Beth Vice, and invite others into the conversation.