When Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits. Click on this image to order now.

If you haven’t already heard, When Prince Charming Decides the Shoe No Longer Fits is now available on Amazon! I’ve been excited to hear from others that you’ve already ordered copies for yourself and others. The completion of this project has been a long time in coming, and God has brought me through some tough stuff in the process. All of which has added to the depth and relatability of this divorce recovery book.

I wish it wasn’t so needed, but divorce is prevalent, even among professing Christians. God, however, is our great Healer and He knows how to mend broken hearts and bring good out of the worst situations. Eventually, for those who give themselves fully to His touch, God can use the once broken-hearted princess to comfort others as well.

Especially written for women whose husbands have left them with no choice but divorce, each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the process: discovering the loss of her husband’s love, crushed self-esteem, fear, depression, anger, the desire for revenge, facing her own faults, the effects of divorce on her children, dating, possible remarriage, and even future ministry. Special bonus chapters include interviews with adult children of divorce, and men whose wives left them.

My prayer is that all who read my book will give themselves fully to Jesus Christ, or go deeper into His embrace as He lovingly heals all their wounds. He alone can lead us into a new and joy-filled life of service. Jesus is our only Savior and true Source of peace through the hurts of this life.