My husband just turned sixty. That seemed pretty weird to us, because sixty has always seemed so “old.” Now suddenly we’re there. Well, he’s there; I still have a couple of years to go. But then, this has been a pretty weird year all around—with COVID, hurricanes, rioting, looting, fires, and political mudslinging.

Since sixty is kind of a milestone, I wanted to do something big to celebrate, but a cruise to Paris was out of the question. And in the midst of all the odd events of 2020, it seemed only appropriate that we do something off the wall to commemorate his birthday. Inspired by stories from the Weird Oregon book by Al Eufrasio and Jeff Davis, I decided to take Kelly on a ten-day Weird Oregon trip.

I read the book this summer and marked the places on a map of Oregon which I thought would be the most interesting. Then I planned the least zig-zaggy route and booked hotels for our tour of Oregon. We traveled most the western half to see people, places, and things in the state of Oregon that are unique, creative, hilarious, unexplained, horrific, astounding, or wondrous. Most were outdoor sights or things we could do from a proper social distance. It took a bit of work, but we will treasure the memories we made for a lifetime.

We had so much fun I thought I’d take you along in review, highlighting the best (and worst) moments of our trip. Maybe you will decide to find a few weird or unusual spots where you live to celebrate life (as weird as it is sometimes) with someone you love.

See you here tomorrow. Let the weird begin!