Why did I think that after Christmas life would slow down and I would have time to catch my breath? Are you feeling the same way?

Each day of this New Year has come with it’s own delights and challenges. I have struggled through months of pain in my ankles which hindered my activities, including writing (who knew screaming ankles could make it hard to sit at a desk and produce sensible prose?). God, however, in His infinite wisdom, used my sprained right ankle to get me to the doctor where I received the number for a podiatrist. He knew my left ankle would then get much worse because of the added strain, forcing me to finally make an appointment and get a diagnosis and help for both.

Blessed relief! This is definitely an example of Romans 8:28. I am thankful for His healing and being able to walk and be more active again.

Just in time too, because lots of things are going on!

  • January 15-20: I am going to our Black Butte house a couple of days for a mini personal writing retreat, before I welcome four dear college roommates for our second Roomie Rendezvous since graduation. We are all pretty pumped!
  • February 22: Oregon Christian Writers one day conference in Salem. Heidi Gaul and I will be co-leading a critique session and workshop, “Incentives for Writing Disciplines.”
  • March 6-8: I will be hosting a Salem women’s retreat at Black Butte, “Broken, Made Whole.” This will include short teaching sessions followed by table talk discussion times.
  • March 27-29: I will be hosting a Writer’s Retreat at our Black Butte house. This should be a great time for writers to connect, work, relax, critique, and encourage one another.
  • April 4: I will be speaking at a Literary Tea at La Tea Da teahouse in Tillamook, OR on my book “Forty Days of Lint.” It is one of my favorite books–an Easter devotional with a humorous twist between lint and Lent. The five sections of the book are: Dryer lint–for times when we are spiritually dry and thirsty for the living water, Belly button lint–when we examine and evaluate what is central in our lives, Pocket lint–searching for attitudes and behavior we tend to hide, Clothing lint–about the importance of appearances, and finally Dust bunnies–those nasty little critters that hide in the hardest to get to places and require some deep cleaning.

This year, I am also one of the featured writers for Anchored Voices, written by an amazing group of women. They are full of wit and wisdom on life and God and family. If you’re not already a follower, check it out, and read my first post “Making Room for the New” on January 6. I think you might get hooked! anchoredvoices.com

That’s all for now. I will continue posting on my own blog here at Epiphany, and working to complete my divorce recovery book this year. Then hopefully my Revelation Bible study will soon follow.

It’s going to be a great year!