This photo from Voice of the Martyrs so challenges me! What would you do to read God’s Word if it was against the law?

First thing yesterday one of our daughters sent a family text asking what we each plan to give up for Lent this year, which is the forty day countdown to Easter (minus Sundays). God has brought us a long way in our ten years as a blended family and I love it! There’s no better way to celebrate the life of faith than with family—be they biological, newly formed, or our worldwide congregation of believers.
So today, I ask you, my Internet family—have you thought about what you’re going to give Jesus for Lent? It doesn’t have to be a church affiliated thing. It’s just a wonderful way to express our love for Christ, who gave up everything for us. 
In order to be a sacrifice it should be something you like. Okra doesn’t count unless you actually like it. What about—dessert, coffee drinks, TV, refraining from gossip or unkind words, or physical comforts (one year my daughter gave up sleeping in her bed for Lent!). This year I’m giving up negative self-talk, like calling myself stupid or a failure and replacing it with God’s truth about me—I am loved, I am wanted, I am a child of the King.
Or you can add things to your days that will help you grow—our daughter that texted us has buddied up with her girlfriend to get up extra early and spend more time reading the Bible. Both are young mommies, so you know that’s a sacrifice! Other ideas: going for a walk every day, eating more vegetables (maybe even okra), writing real live letters on paper or notecards, visiting the sick, elderly, or lonely; praising God more and complaining less. The possibilities are endless.
Whatever helps us focus on Jesus, increases our faith, and elicits hope may begin as a sacrifice, but ends up being yet another blessing from God. That’s just the way He is. The more of ourselves we give Him, the more of himself He gives us. And He loves to bless His children—lavishly and abundantly. 

If you’re looking for a good book to read for Lent, I recommend Forty Days of Lint. It has a fun reading for every day to make you laugh and think and prepare your heart for Easter:  
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