Even if you got everything on your Christmas list, you may still feel the ache for something…more. Maybe you wish you could have some peace and quiet in this noisy world or escape the noise in your head. Or some wisdom—for that job change, relationship, or parenting dilemma. The cozy blanket Grandma made is wonderful, but it doesn’t comfort emotions that jab like barbed wire.
Let’s face it, when everyone goes home and we pack away the toys and electronic gadgets, clothes and gift cards; when we take down the Christmas tree and decorations, it can be a bit of a letdown. When the presents and tinsel melt away, the house feels bare and January looms bleak and cold.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s an app to fill the emptiness. It’s something you can get yourself—guilt free—for New Year’s. It doesn’t wear out, it’s appropriate for all ages, and there’s no assembly required. It never goes out of style and doesn’t need batteries. It’s an app you can use every day—even if you don’t have a smart phone or I-pad.
The Bible, the printed Word of God, will meet your deepest needs and start the New Year right. It answers every dilemma. It teaches through story, humor, and pithy sayings, and builds faith in our God who still heals, rescues, and gives us victory over temptation and heartache. More than information or entertainment, this app is meant to be applied to our hearts and minds so God’s transforming power can change us from the inside out. 
We may do most of our reading in private, but the Bible is a social app. It prompts us to encourage others, improve our relationships, examine our motives with new perspective, and sprinkles into conversation like savory spices. 
Last Thursday Becky and I talked about King Jehoshaphat and his unwise alliance with King Ahab. We agreed it’s easy to make stupid decisions, thinking we’re helping someone, when in reality they’re using us. Like King J, we put ourselves in needless danger and it can tragically affect others.
On Friday, Trish asked me what I made of a puzzling verse from Jeremiah. So we looked it up in several translations to try and decipher the meaning. I ended up doing some digging and we had fun learning. And yesterday our small group discussion on Revelation fifteen challenged and energized me to keep fighting the good fight.
The Word of God puts oxygen in our veins! I encourage you to use it every day this year. I still like my printed Bibles best, but electronic ones have amazing features that open new worlds of understanding. They not only offer multiples translations, but provide study helps, videos, side articles, related devotionals, and commentary. 
So, whether you’re reading in a coffee shop, looking up a verse to share with a friend, want to listen while you’re on the road, or decide to download something for your kids, here are some great apps to consider. Whatever form you choose—printed or electronic—God’s Word will draw you closer to the One who knows and loves you best in the coming year.
Bible apps:
You Version Bible: https://www.bible.com/app
Bible is—read, listen, see: http://www.bible.is/
Olive Tree Bible—resources for study and reading plans: https://www.olivetree.com/bible-study-apps/?source=topnav
Logos—reading plans, study, multiple translations, devotions: https://www.logos.com/apps
For Kids:
Superbook—scripture, games, Q&A, introduces people of the Bible, videos and more: http://us-en.superbook.cbn.com/app
You Version for kids: https://www.bible.com/kids
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