Kelly’s truck
There shouldn’t have been any survivors. Witnesses, ambulance drivers, EMT’s, doctors and nurses were all shocked there were no fatalities. But because of God’s intervention, two people emerged from the debris virtually unscathed.
My husband’s first words on the phone at 9:00 last Monday night were, “Don’t worry; I’m okay, but my truck is totaled.” It was cold and rainy, and he was three hours away on the side of the highway. 
He explained, “I was passing another car on the divided highway and hit a lady head on. She was driving the wrong way with her lights off and flicked them on just before we hit. I had a split second to steer toward to the median. If I hadn’t, she wouldn’t have survived. I drove over the top of her car and rolled four times before I came to a stop.”

the other driver’s car

We got off the phone and I began texting family and friends to pray. The ambulance drivers arrived and convinced him to go to the hospital. I got ready to meet him there, so thankful our daughter offered to go with me.  Her presence was a comfort, and she made sure to update family and friends as much as she could during the hour and a half drive, mostly out of cell service. Our Salem daughter and her husband, my parents, and my sister and brother in law beat us to the hospital and kept us informed. 
The blood was all cleaned up before I got to him in the ER, but it was still shocking to see my Kelly in a neck brace surrounded by medical paraphernalia. They had already run tests and a CT scan—no concussion, no brain damage, no deep gashes, no broken bones; only a head wound from the impact on the third roll. He had counted; he said “Everything felt like it was in slow motion”

already laughing and joking with the medical staff

It wasn’t long before they released him to go home. We were astounded both Kelly and the other driver survived. The more details we’ve learned in the week since the accident, we are convinced this was all God’s doing. He was present before, during, and after the impact and rescued both drivers in order to accomplish His plans.

  • The lady he hit was filled with a cocktail of alcohol, meth, and oxycodone; driving with a suspended license, and arrested after the crash. This may be the wake up call she needed to get clean and sober.
  • Kelly’s truck flew 70 feet in the air after running over her car, before it landed and rolled. 
  • The accident happened in a small section of road where there’s a grassy median with no posts or wires, guardrails, or hills—which would have done significantly more damage in the roll.
  • Even though the median is narrow, his truck didn’t cross into oncoming traffic on the other side. 
  • Kelly was able to kick the door of his truck open, escape the crushed cab, and make sure she was okay before help arrived. 

      The morning after the accident, I picked up where I’d been reading—“Daniel in the lion’s den” in Daniel chapter 6. My Wiersbe Bible Commentary said this: “God saved Daniel because it brought great glory to His name and also because he still had more work to do. God’s servants are immortal until their work is done.” (emphasis mine)
Wow! Nothing can harm us until it’s our time. God doesn’t always rescue His followers from death, injury, financial collapse, failed relationships, persecution, or trauma to body and soul. He decides to rescue fromthe storm, or give us strength to get throughthe storm based on two things:
#1, that He will be glorified through the situation
#2, that we will fulfill our role in His plan 
Whether you’ve also been miraculously rescued, or are in a “wrecked” situation, it’s your decision what you do next. 
Will you give God the glory for your rescue, or for how He’s getting you through each day? Can you tell others you have a peace that passes all understanding? Are you surrounded by prayer support and the love of the Body of Christ? Give Jesus Christ the glory!
Secondly, ask Him how He wants to use you. Does He want you to be an example for someone else? Will your perseverance encourage their faith? Is this situation opening opportunities to tell others about your hope in Christ? How can you pray for those around you?
Daniel survived the lion’s den because God wasn’t done with him yet. He lived into his 80’s, passing every test and temptation. He provided counsel and wisdom to four kings, and lived a pure life while in captivity in a foreign land. He received prophetic visions that reveal God’s plan for Israel and the final days of history for all mankind. Who knows what God has in mind for us. 
Determine to make the most of every opportunity. 

when we bought the truck last spring

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