I hate waiting. Most of us do. It seems like a waste of time. It’s like sitting at the side of a trail instead of hiking. Your body aches to get moving, but you don’t want to waste time and energy traveling the wrong direction. So when God says to wait, you wait. And maybe pace and sigh a little.
But there’s one verse in the Bible I love, because it tells me I don’t have to just sit by the trail getting cold, my legs cramping from inactivity. It says: “Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts” (Isa. 26:8). In other words—while walking, we wait. Sound like a paradox? 
When we’re waiting on the Lord to give us directions about a financial decision, relationship quandary, work situation, or health choice, we don’t want to move ahead of His will, but we can be productive. There are a lot of things we can act on, and that feels really good since our feet are made for walking. We walk in the way of His laws—His decrees or commands. 
That means, while we’re waiting, we can:
Be Truthful
With God, others, and ourselves. We can align ourselves with God’s truths stated in scripture. We can move forward in truth, even while we wait for Him to guide us with specifics.
Be Pure
Other words that come to mind are virtuous, moral, righteous, ethical. These may sound too churchy for your taste, but this is what gets us where we need to go. What is right according to God? That leaves out immoral thoughts and behavior. Selfish ambition and greed are also rabbit trails that lead to dead ends, as well as questionable partnerships.
When the forest is dark and quiet and we’re anxious about getting to our destination, it can be hard to trust God to show up in time. That’s when knowing His character helps us hang in there. He is trust-worthy. He has proven himself in the past and He is never late. He knows what needs to happen when, before we do. So we slow our pace, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the scenery. Relax in His arms.
Savor Companionship
Though it may feel like we’re all alone on the trail, there are in fact many other hikers around. They may be waiting too and glad of the company. Share some trail mix—you’ll need the nourishment to sustain you. Laugh together, share stories, and do some stretches while you wait for instructions.

Too many times we hurtle through life at a ridiculous pace and miss the beauty of the moment. My dad used to hike so fast that I barely had time to look around and enjoy the view, and if I did I ended up tripping over roots and rocks. But God loves it when we take time to worship Him. Even when we’re not sure exactly where we’re going, He surrounds us with beauty worthy of our praise and adoration. He is good and His plans for us are good, even in times of pain and uncertainty.

This is not a comprehensive list—just a few ways we can keep moving forward on this journey of life, even while we’re waiting. I encourage you to ask the Lord what He wants you to do while you wait. And be ready to move out when He speaks.
Happy trails to you. I hope to see you at the end of the road.
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