My late mother-in-law loved a good April Fool’s’ joke. It was Sugar’s birthday and she made it her mission to fool as many people as possible. I’m sad she passed away before I got to meet her, but I love the stories about her and can only imagine what a prankster she was. She and my husband Kelly competed every year but one year she got him good.
Kelly had been on edge all day, waiting for “it” to happen—wary at every turn, suspicious of everything she said, but nothing happened. He went to bed thinking she’d forgotten. He should have known better.
Just before midnight, Sugar rushed to his room in a panic. His best friend had called, she said, and his car had broken down on the pass. He needed Kelly to come rescue him. Her urgency jolted him awake and Kelly jumped into jeans and a sweatshirt and rushed out the door. He was backing out of the driveway when his mom came running toward his car waving her arms.
He rolled down the window, anxiously awaiting some new development. Instead, she stopped, crossed her arms, and smiled. “Gotcha! April Fool’s.” With that she turned and walked into the house and went to bed. 
I’ve been asking around and here’s a few more successful pranks, or prank ideas others have come up with:

Robyn: I have a friend who bought a package of Oreo cookies, carefully opened them all, scraped out the white centers and put toothpaste inside. Then she fed them to a Boy Scout group.

Karrie : I called my dad and told him I found a hundred dollars on the beach. He was so excited. I had him going for awhile until I said, “April Fool’s!” His disappointment showed.

Sommer: My daughter Cheyenne put a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer and soaked me…..not just once. Any time I left the room she’d do it again. After the 3rd time I finally started checking. To this day I check it before I turn it on! 

Ona Del: My daughter Kathi was born on April 1. On her 6th birthday we all sat down for breakfast and found sugar in the salt shaker and salt in the sugar bowl. From that day on we knew to watch out for Kathi. And sure enough, she came up with some of the most creative jokes. But I’ll never forget the salt in my hot tea. You can’t imagine how bad that tastes. And seeing one of her brothers spit out his egg, because of the sugar he’d just sprinkled on it….well…you know.

Lorna: I once set all the clocks in the house ahead then woke the kids up. I watched them rush around for the ten minutes getting ready to catch the bus for school before I said, “April Fool’s!”just  before they rushed out the door.

Donna shared a great photo from channel 107.9 of Brussels sprouts “cake pops.” Now that would be a culinary surprise!

There is one person though, who has bested every trick ever pulled. April Fool’s Day falls on Easter this year, and Jesus is the winner for making fools out of all who tried to outwit Him.

“Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe” (1 Cor. 1:20-21).
  • The religious rulers of His day thought they could corner Jesus with clever questions, but He repeatedly made fools of them all with His astounding answers.
  • They hired witnesses to testify against Him, but they couldn’t agree, and the evidence didn’t pan out. Even so, Jesus refused to defend himself.
  • The religious leaders tried to push the blame off on the Romans, but exposed themselves as the perpetrators behind the plot.
  • The Roman soldiers tried to embarrass and degrade Him with beating, mocking, and false worship, yet He died with dignity, secure in His identity as our Lord and Savior.
  • Despite their assumptions that they controlled His destiny, God made sure every detail of prophesy was fulfilled—betrayal, crucifixion, darkness, no broken bones, spear in His side, His death at the very moment of the Passover sacrifice and so much more.
  • Satan thought he had finally won the competition and fooled the Son of God. But Jesus had the final word when He rose from the dead and appeared to more than 500 people over a span of 40 days. They in turn spread the word and turned the world upside down.

No one will ever be able to beat Him for the element of surprise, special effects, or the number of people the Father’s plan encompassed. Some, who don’t know any better say it was a foolish plan; that it never really happened. They refuse to accept it as valid. But those whose lives have been changed forever cannot stop praising the One who pulled off the greatest trick of all. 
Happy Easter!
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