I asked for love stories and received these beautiful accounts that will inspire you and make you say, “Ahh.” Every love story, whether romantic love, friendship, or parental love is worth sharing. They inspire all of us to be better lovers, in every sense of the word. I hope they warm your heart and give you ideas on how you can be better lovers as we celebrate the tremendous power of love—demonstrated in word and deed.

Laurie’s story:
I loved my husband and was married to him for over 23 years, but it felt like we had only a few short years when the Lord called him home suddenly—in  just a few dreadful moments at midnight. I held his head in my hands as I prayed in desperation for him to breathe. A blood clot had lodged in his bronchial artery and he struggled to get air past it into his lungs.
What a sacred time of togetherness this was. I was permitted time to tell him what a wonderful husband he had been to me, and what a beloved-good father he had been. Even though I begged God not to take him home I could feel this was his day to receive his heavenly reward.
I had been reading my Bible since the age of 17 and knew so many things about the Lord by this time; I knew He never made mistakes in His timing. I knew by heart the word that proclaims the ‘Day of our death is precious in His sight’ and also that ‘it is better than the day of our birth.’ I did not fall into questioning or despair at his departure, only a deep sadness at what I would have to live without.
He was a very protective father and husband, so much so that when it snowed he would tell me I would not be driving to work! He would warm up his truck and he would escort me safely to work and back.
Through the love of my long-time church friends, work friends, and CR I began to receive hope that my sadness was lifting and there would be a purpose for my life in the future. That’s when my oldest son called with the shocking news that my daughter had died early that morning, moments after feeding her newborn baby, only 7 days old.
I had talked to her the night before—another one of those ‘Godly Gifts’ I will be forever thankful to Him for! It made it harder to believe, however. She hadn’t been ill or sick, just happy to receive the newest addition in her family of 11 children. I went to stay with the children until my oldest grand-daughter could arrive to help my son in law. It wasn’t long before I could see how beneficial I could be to the family if I stayed to help.

My days are now filled with helping raise and transport the kids to their practices and games. I think back to how God orchestrated my availability to be able to move from the West coast to the East. If He hadn’t taken my husband home first, the move would never have been possible.
God knew what it would take to make a way for me to help. I loved my community and my friends were a security after the loss of my best friend (my husband!) I cried as I drove East and I was afraid to let go…God said quietly but distinctly, ” You will lose a lot of things but when you get there the most important thing of all will be right there waiting for you, and that will be ME!” 

Tori’s story:
I had been dating Beau, the love of my life for a long time, and wishing he would ask me to marry him. So much so that I bought a wedding dress, just in case he proposed. 
I knew Beau was the one for me so I headed to Goodwill before moving from Maryland to Illinois (his hometown). I saw a dress in the back of the store that was gorgeous and still had the tags. It was just my size so I handed the cashier $50 and packed it up.
The dress became stagnant when I moved to Illinois. It was not put to use as quickly as I hoped it would. I was fixed on getting married very quickly. When I passed by the dress I would become mad at Beau then proceed to yell at him for not proposing yet. Beau was always calm and sweet with his reply, “Just be patient.” How I hated when he said that.
So my dress kept sitting, no ring on my finger yet. I left for a trip back to Maryland to visit my family. While I was gone I had no clue that my king of grand gestures, Beau, was creating my wedding.
It came time to travel back to Illinois, on the trip home I was just excited to see Beau again but still bitter we still weren’t engaged. I began to pull up to Beau’s house and saw streets full of vehicles. I got out of the car, completely confused, Beau walked out of the house, got on his knee and asked me to be his wife.
Well by now you should know I screamed yes… then not only did he propose he said, “Good, because we are getting married today.” WHAT!?
I was walked back to a hall and had makeup and hair done in 15 minutes then straight into my no longer stagnate dress. My family had raced to beat me to Illinois and surprised me too. 
I had a whole lot of emotions as I walked down the aisle to that crazy man that I adore. I, of course, felt like a total brat for yelling at him so much about marriage. I’m sure at some point he thought, “Well Lord I’m not sure if I can go through with this,” but the whole time he had something beyond my wildest dreams planned. If it had gone my way, Beau would have proposed out of my impatience and it wouldn’t have been as magical as our wedding was.

What an amazing husband I have to know his bride so well. He created the perfect wedding in a week and gave me the surprise of lifetime. I feel this story is a lot like God’s love. We beg and plead for things we desire, but if God always gave us our desires we would miss out on something so much more beautiful and wonderful. I’m so fortunate to have been blessed with this beautiful love story.
Happy Valentines Day! Tune in for more tomorrow.
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