King Solomon said , it’s the little foxes that spoil the vines (as they romp through the vineyard in their quest for love, food, or adventure) in Song of Songs 2:15—a racy little book from the Bible you might want to read with your spouse. It’s also the little things that make for a great harvest—and a great love. That’s what we treasure most in our marriage.

In the nine years Kelly and I have been married, we keep finding more and more little ways to say I Love You. Foot rubs, running the other a bath after a hard day, silly texts, and learning to love (or at least show interest) in what the other is excited about. Words are especially important.
Before the tile was done on our kitchen counters, we wrote love notes and encouraging scriptures on the plywood. Even though they’re covered now, we know all the love we expressed to each other is still there.  
The other night on our way home from a movie, Kelly took a side street and circled back to the intersection. Then he suddenly leaped from the car and raced into the darkness. I didn’t know what was going on. I kept glancing behind the car to see if anyone was coming, and out in the direction he went. Was there an emergency; did I need to go help? Suddenly he reappeared and leaned over for a kiss as he got back in and handed me a daffodil. He had seen one blooming in a random patch of grass and knows how I love them.

This is what others said when I asked what their husband or wife does that makes them feel loved. I hope these make you smile and give you a few ideas of your own.
Hugs and kisses, and my morning text, to name a few.

I can’t pick just a couple. Kisses on the forehead, bare belly bumps, when he does laundry, dishes and makes dinner, when he tells me he loves me, brings me coffee in bed, when he calls to check on me. I claim the calling to see if I’m ok is annoying because being me isn’t something fixable, but it makes my heart warm and reassures me that we are in this together.  I also love when he still laughs at me. Having a relationship like ours and going through it all and making it hasn’t been easy. Being able to see and hear him laugh is easily the best since we came so close to not being together. He also fixed the toilet paper holder.

She puts my work shoes on the boot heater to warm them up for me.

She scratches my back .

He does the dishes after I cook dinner and leaves coffee cards in my car to surprise me.

He sends me random love texts, encouragement and belief in my dreams, and gives me his undivided attention.

He rubs my feet, snuggles on the couch with me, and reads me Sherlock Holmes.


He makes me a fresh pot of coffee for the morning.

List is to dang long to write!


She makes my lunch in the morning.  

He takes me on date days, finds flowers on the sidewalk on the way to our bus, brings me my favorite coffee when I’ve had a hard day, gives me sweet notes with a single flower, draws love notes on the mirror, when he takes both kids on walks so I can take a special bath time or an extra nap.
Happy Valentines to you all! Whether you’re married, dating, or single, these are great ways to show someone else you care about them. All love comes from God—He created beauty, touch, humor, coffee beans, and surprise. He can show us how to be aware of other’s needs. So go to it!
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