Joshua said to the Israelites: “How long will you wait
before you begin to take possession of the land
that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?”
Joshua 18:3
A wife was surprised one day to see her husband lounging on the couch and said, “I thought you were going out to mow the lawn?”
He replied, “I was, but I’m waiting for a part.”
“What part is that?”
“The part of me that wants to get off the couch and go do it,” he said.

We laugh, but there are consequences for waiting too long (apart from frustrating your wife). Where we live, if I put off mowing the lawn on a sunny day, there’s no guarantee it will be out tomorrow. If I don’t get busy while the sun shines I may miss my chance for another week or so while rain saturates our lawn. When the sun comes out again, the lawn is five inches taller and heavy with moisture.
The consequences for the Israelites waiting too long were much more serious. They got comfortable living at the edge of God’s Promised Land and lost the momentum they needed to actually go in. The land was theirs; they’d come all the way from Egypt to claim it. But that would take effort, so instead they settled “on the couch” waiting for a part—the part of them that wanted to fight for it.
This can apply to us in so many ways. If we want a better marriage, we’re going to have to get off our rear end and start working on it. If we want a closer relationship with our kids, we have to set aside the newspaper, our cell phone or computer, or turn off the football game, so we can ride bikes, play board games, or go hiking with our kids. You can’t build intimacy without regular doses of focused attention.
What has God promised, but you don’t possess, because you haven’t made the effort to claim it? God calls us to do our part. After all, no one buys a present, gives it to the intended recipient, and unwraps it for him too!
God’s already paid for our gift—giving us life and knowledge and strength—enough to claim the prize. It’s time to unwrap His presents and rejoice in His generosity. And go see what blessings this land holds for us and our families.   
So how long are you going to wait for your “part” to come in? It’s time to make a plan and carry it out. Get up off the couch and walk the land. Fight for it. In the name of Jesus, go to battle with the enemy of your soul who seeks to lull us into apathy. And claim the promises that are yours for the taking.
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21
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