“Come up and help me attack Gibeon,” he said,
“because it has made peace with Joshua and the Israelites.”
Joshua 10:4
Yesterday’s blog was about how the Gibeonites deceived the Israelites and convinced them to make an alliance. Those who get close to God’s people can also become a target themselves. And that’s what happened to them.
When King Adoni-Zedek (or A-Z) of Jerusalem heard the Gibeonites had sided with the Israelites, he got together with four other kings of the region and presented his case. “Gibeon was an important city and their men are good fighters. But now they’ve sided with the enemy. We’ve got to do something about this!” They agreed to attack Gibeon and destroy them.
Even though the Gibeonites got close to Israel through lies, the Israelites were still willing to protect them. They’d made a promise in God’s name and that meant something to them. So they went and fought to protect them.

Joshua and his army didn’t bail on them when Gibeon called for help, and God gave them victory over the five kings and their armies. I wonder how that affected the hearts of the Gibeonites. Did some of them come to believe in God because of the Israelites’ faithfulness?
I believe some of them did. I think they saw a difference between the hostility of their former people and the gods they  served, and the kindness of the Israelites and the God they served. 
People make friends with Christians for all sorts of reasons: to make sales, for business contacts, to get votes, looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, to gain power or influence over others, and much more. Mostly—money, sex, power, and fame. 
Have you unwisely trusted a pretender? Have you already committed to a business partnership, marriage, or promised support and want to honor your word? The good thing is, even when we are used by others for their own gain, God can still work it for good if we do things His way.
Unbelievers who ally themselves with the people of God, for whatever reason, should see a difference in the way Christians behave. Instead of revenge—forgiveness, instead of greed—giving, instead of hatred—love. They should see strength rooted in dependence on God, and faith in His justice, even when people cheat and misuse us.
There’s a time when we must step away from relationships in order to be true to God, but there’s also a time when we need to come to their aid when they’re in trouble. If their association with God’s people has brought them under attack, the way we respond could bring them into an authentic relationship with Christ. That’s how God treats us, even though we fail Him; when we cry for help, He comes.
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21
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