“The Lord has surely given the whole land into our hands;
all the people are melting in fear because of us.”
Josh. 2:24
What do you do when you’re watching a game and it looks like your team has already been defeated? But then, the impossible happens—they score a winning touchdown in the last minutes of the game!
What do you do when death’s shadow hangs over you and there’s nothing more the doctors can do? Then suddenly, the tumor is gone! It has completely disappeared without a trace. You are healed!
Don’t you run and tell everyone who will listen? Don’t you post it on Facebook, tell the cashier at the grocery store, and whistle at work with a happy grin?
It looked like your opponent was too strong. There was no chance you could win. But then, miraculously, you did!
That’s how the Israelite spies felt when they heard how scared the people of Jericho were. You see, forty years earlier, twelve spies were sent in to scope out the land and ten of then came back with a bad report. “They’re too big; there’s too many; they’re too well armed. We’ll never win.” And even though Joshua and Caleb tried to encourage the people that with God’s power they could take over the land, no one would believe them.
For that lack of faith, God sent the Israelites back into the desert until all the unbelievers were dead. Now there was a new generation of Israelites. Would they believe God and accept His promise to give them the Land? Or would they falter in fear and unbelief?
Thankfully, this time God gave them an advantage by allowing the spies to hear from the lips of a Jericho resident, Rahab, how afraid they all were. The people of Jerichoknew God’s people were going to win before the people of God did.
Sometimes I struggle to believe the people and situations I’m praying for are going to end well too. After all, that person has relapsed so many times; and that one’s so full of bitterness; and their diagnosis sounds final; and all the odds are against that situation ever changing. But there is no addiction, no attitude, no illness, no circumstance too big for God.
So as you walk and pray, ask God to give you words of encouragement so you will not give up—whether from His Word, a friend, or even a confirmed unbeliever. God wants to build our faith so we can walk before Him in obedience, trusting in Him to accomplish what we can’t.
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21
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