Since I’m a little short, I have difficulties reaching things in high places. I take advantage of chairs, ladders, and counter tops at home to get to what I need. At the grocery store I make friends with tall strangers to reach products beyond my reach. It’s taken me considerably longer, however, to realize this in the spiritual realm. God’s arms are not too short to access whatever I need.
When peace is beyond my reach, patience eludes me, emotional healing is on the top shelf and I can’t find a ladder, God has no problem bringing them down to my level. And at times when forgiveness was in a cupboard I couldn’t reach, and I didn’t even want to try, He got it down for me. It seems so much of what I need is high above my head: answers to prayers, what to do about this situation or that, words I need to say (or not), comfort for a broken heart, the will to persevere.
There are three scriptures I keep coming back to, because they remind me—though I’m vertically challenged, the God of the universe has no such limitations. The first one reminds me He has always come through in the past—“Was my arm too short to deliver you? Do I lack the strength to rescue you?” Isaiah 50:2. He has never failed me or anyone in all of history who has put their trust in Him.
The second one reminds me He is still available for those hard to reach packages that elude my grasp—“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear” Isaiah 59:1. He’s not just the God of the Bible who did miraculous things in the past. He’s still in the business today.
The last verse gives me hope for the future, because I know new packages will keep appearing and I’ll need Someone big and tall to help me reach them—“Is the LORD’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you” Numbers 11:23. He will never leave me alone on the aisle of need to fend for myself.
I must admit, however, that sometimes the thing I want isn’t always what I need. Even though God could get them for me, there are times when He takes down a different package than I asked for—learning Contentment instead of Immediate Gratification, Maturity won through loss instead of Security, His Embrace in the darkness instead of striding alone in Daylight. 
At first, I’m a little miffed (sometimes more than a little) at what He hands me. I point again. “No, God, that one on the right above the red and yellow package.” 
He smiles and says, “No, child, this is the one you need. You may not want it now, or see your need for it, but trust me and my love for you.” 
I grudgingly take it, and later discover He was right. 

Other times He tells me what I need is not what I’m straining after, but on the shelf right in front of me. He has already made it available. All I need to do is accept it. Give thanks for it.
Today, if you feel like what you need is unobtainable, I want to encourage you—God’s arms are not too short. Talk to Him about it, whether it’s help conquering a habit, courage to stand for the truth, the ability to understand His Word, relief from depression or guilt. Anything.
Here are three prayers you can personalize to fit your circumstances. I’m confident He will answer in ways you never thought possible.
Lord, I believe your arm is not too short to reach this person:_______. You see, hear, and have the power and desire to save them. 
Lord, your arm is not too short for this situation: _______. You know all the details and can see the future. You know what needs to happen. I trust you in this.
Father, your arm is not too short to help me in my struggleagainst: _______. I am powerless, but you can give me victory.
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