I had plans to post a Christmas blog today that’s been rattling around in my head. But first, I want to share a piece with you from my journal today:

When I got up this morning, I opened the shades to the west and there hung a brilliant, full moon. It glowed clear and bright in the deep blue morning sky. It immediately lifted my spirits, as if it symbolized God’s light of hope in the darkness of winter. 
I went downstairs and called my husband to the back door. We stood with arms wrapped around each other, admiring the moon. Wispy clouds scudded by so quickly, they made us laugh. Comical in their hurry.
Minutes later, I came upstairs for devotions, water in hand. I went to the window for another dose of its beauty before sitting down. The moon was gone.  The clouds had completely hidden it from sight in less than five minutes.
Thank you for glimpses of you, Lord, like this morning’s moon, and your glorious hope, that lifts our spirits and reminds us you are there. Help us to pause and admire you, and hold each other close in rapt delight. 
So often, when we look again, you seem to have disappeared from sight – obliterated by dark clouds of worry, hurry, and difficulties. Remind us you are still there, Lord – shining bright, loving us – even when we can’t see you. Keep us ever-watchful for the next glimpse of your glory, as we walk in faith, and the gladness of your presence.
Be on the lookout tomorrow for: Getting a Head for Christmas.