I have a new book out, available on Create Space! If you would like to order a copy, the print version is $5.99 and the Kindle version will be available soon for $1.99.

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Taking Back October  

For Believers in Pursuit of Godly Fun

Authored by Beth Vice

For Christians who want to celebrate the month of October in God-honoring ways. Author Beth Vice shares her own stories about celebrating Halloween and why she chose to turn away from it. Vice explores the history and present day practices of Halloween, and encourages readers to celebrate All Saints’ Day as an alternative to this increasingly dark and gruesome time of year. Taking Back October is a handbook of fun activities for families and churches to put into practice. Features an array of decorating, party, and game ideas, as well as resource lists of books, movies, and music to make the most of this season. This book is a starter kit for families and churches who want to be a light in their communities.

Publication Date:
Oct 01 2014
Page Count:142