Many of you are thinking of your mom today. If she’s still living and close enough to visit, you’re probably planning to get together to celebrate her day and make her feel special tomorrow. My mind is swirling with childhood memories, my current relationship with my mom, my years as a mom, and watching my daughter and stepdaughter becoming mothers. It’s a grand and noble calling, but not always easy or appreciated.

Here’s a few, but certainly not a comprehensive list of things I love about my mom:

  • She made the Bible come alive to me through her knowledge and love of the Word. Nobody can tell the story of Ruth or Esther (with all the voices) like my mom.
  • She has always shown an interest in each person in the family (even as it grows to grandchildren and great- grandchildren). She prays, learns about, buys gifts, and sends cards that are encouraging and appropriate for each one.
  • Her love, compassion, and giving have reached beyond our immediate family to include co-workers, neighbors, friends, missionaries and people around the world.
  •  I love her laugh, her sense of humor, and the impish smile twinkle in her blue eyes that reveal she is up to mischief.
  •  My mom has an insatiable desire to learn and is always sharing articles, websites, blogs, and books that others might enjoy.
  •  She takes care of herself and always looks stylish.
  •  She is inviting. I love to hug my mom and breathe in her perfume and warm, clean scent.
  • She encourages us all – Dad, my sisters, me, and her granddaughters – to pursue God-given dreams, work, and ministry. She always believes in us.
  • I love the easy way she talks about the Lord and how He is teaching, maturing, and comforting her. She knows Him personally.
  •  I cherish my mother’s prayers. There is such comfort knowing she is praying over the things I’ve shared with her; she’s got me covered.

I could go on and on, but it’s time for you to think of your own list. Even if you’re estranged from your mom, or your relationship with her has not been the best, she’s fills a unique role in your life like no other.
God formed you in her womb and gave you life. I hope you will focus on her gifts, her qualities, her sacrifices, her successes, the way she’s kept on going even through tragedy or heartache. Let her know in some way this weekend that you value her, and if she is gone, treasure her in memory. We all hunger for that – even, and perhaps especially, when we haven’t been perfect.
Don’t forget all those wonderful women who have mothered and mentored and loved you through the years. They didn’t have to, but chose to give their time and resources to help you become the person that you are. Pass it on, enveloping children of all ages who need an extra mom.
Praise God for all tender, funny, adventurous, selfless, encouraging teachers and caregivers. Our first source of nourishment and comfort in stormy times, and later a friend and confidante. These moms are worthy of praise. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!