Our church is sponsoring a “Porn Weekend” April 27-29. Not promoting it, but informing, sharing, and equipping to fight against this seductive force so prevalent in our society. 50% of men and 30% of women today are lured into this destructive activity (and that includes church goers). 

Sunday morning, Tal Prince will be speaking about his own struggles with pornography. Sunday night there’s a dinner and educational event called “Porn and Parents” to equip parents with ideas on how to talk about this with their children and guard against the effects of Pornography in their home. The average age a child first views porn is before they even hit their teen years! 

Monday night, Teresa Prince is going to speak to women about the effects of a husband involved in porn. There will be an open forum and small group time for women to share their own struggles with lust as well. And Tuesday night they will both be sharing at Celebrate Recovery at the Tillamook Nazarene Church.

I’m so excited that the Church as a whole is finally beginning to address these real life struggles we deal with as human beings in a fallen world. We cannot pretend we in the church are without sin; we all desperately need a Savior and He is the answer to our every need, our every temptation. I’m so proud of the those who have struggled and overcome these addictions and are willing to share their stories to give hope to others. We are broken, but we serve a God who specializes in fixing broken things.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s post in the 40 Days of Lint.

Playboy bunnies aren’t just in magazines anymore. They’re everywhere we look. Even when we don’t want to see them they pop up on our computer screens, in television ads, and on storefronts. Unrealistic images in all forms of pornography cause dissatisfaction in intimate relationships and destroy our understanding of what is meant to be pure and holy. And lust affects us all.

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