Here we are at the last day of the Victory series, and if you haven’t gotten the idea by now – all who stay true to Jesus Christ in this life not only enjoy His love and guidance now, but are victoriously rewarded in heaven!

The scene there won’t be like the movies where nasty, greedy family members gather like vultures to see what they’re going to get “from the old man.” To their dismay they discover he hasn’t left them anything. They didn’t really care about the guy when he was alive, except for his money, and he knew it all along. That’s when the sweet and unsuspecting niece, grandson, or maid finds out their years of loyal, loving service are paying back – a million times over. They have inherited enough to take care of them the rest of their days.

If we remain God’s loyal, loving servants, what we see in the movies is only a taste of what our inheritance from God will be. The twist is that we are the ones who must die before we inherit. If we give up our own selfish desires and live to please Him instead, we will forever live as victorious children of God.

All who are victorious will inherit all these blessings,
and I will be their God, and they will be my children.
Rev. 21:7, NLT

Are you celebrating a victory today? What has God done in your life this last year? Has God helped you defeat an addiction or attitude? Has God healed a relationship? Have you grown in your relationship with the Lord, or started a brand new relationship with Him? I hope you will share with us. Your story will encourage others and give them courage to stay strong and keep aiming for victory too.

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Thank you for joining me in the “50 Days of Victory.” I can’t wait to hear your victory stories!