For the Lord delights in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.
Psa. 149:4, NLT

God’s way of looking at things certainly is a mind-bender. He says His thoughts are not like our thoughts, nor His ways like our ways. All you have to do is look around and know it’s true.

Think about the world of sports. All this posturing and talking smack is part of the game. You’ve got to rev up your teammates and intimidate the opposition. Not to mention stir up your own courage before going out on the field. Our war heroes are even more confident.

Before riding out to battle, the leader canters back and forth on his war horse waving the banner, or works the men in his army division into a we-can-do-this froth. He encourages the men to fight for their country and families. “We have them now,” he yells. “The enemy can’t defeat us!” If energy alone could win, they’ve got it in the bag.

Yet, God says that He grants victory to the humble. How backward is that? You mean the person who isn’t at all sure of his or her strength to resist temptation is the one who is going to win? The person who doesn’t think they know much is going to have godly wisdom? And the one who is weak and needy is going to be the one with spiritual strength and the riches of heaven? Yep.

Apostle Paul said that when he was weak in himself, he was strong in Christ. It is the admission that we can’t do this on our own that allows God’s power to work through us. When we admit we can’t defeat the enemy of our soul and the sins that drag us down; when we ask for His help, God is free to move, unhindered, in the situation. That’s when victory happens. When we get out of the way.

Then the most amazing thing of all happens – God gives us a crown to wear! A crown that says we’re children of the King, the ruler of all. Not because we have earned it, but just because that’s the way God likes to operate. He likes to reward those who look to Him for help.