Victory comes from you, O Lord. May you bless your people.
Psa. 3:8, NLT

I had hoped to say something profound about this verse, but my thoughts keep returning to the grandness of nature. The God who created our vast universe and the intricate facets of each flower, is the same One who created mankind and stoops to help us with the minute details of our lives. He made the land and the sea, the animals and the birds, the mountains, deserts, fields, and oceans. If you’re afraid I’m going to break into chorus with “Oh beautiful for spacious skies…” you may not be far off.

God made this spectacular world. He doesn’t want us to worship it, but worship Him the Maker of all and to take care of what He has given us. When we see God in every aspect of nature, our bodies, and our spirits created in His image – that is a victory over the deceiver. He says everything has come about by chance, over millions of billions of years. Satan claims we evolved from primordial soup into thinking, feeling beings, and that we have no god but ourselves to thank for our existence.

Look around you. Your heart testifies this can’t be true. God has made us and all that is. And the Lord is our Victor – the One who blesses us with life and breath. He holds out His hand to each one of us and calls us into relationship with Him. Can you look at all He has made and resist His call? I hope not.

Let Him sweep you up in His ever-faithful embrace.