The path to victory may be uphill, but it’s worth it!

I love the word victory. It resounds with hope and promise. I love it so much that I’ve decided to make it part of my name. With the last name of Vice we get a lot of interesting mail. I get stuff addressed to Beth Nice, Beth Bice, even Beth Spice. Over the phone it’s even worse. At first, I tried to explain that our name is, “Vice, like the Vice Squad.”

“The Mice Squad?” they ask.

Sigh. “No.” Then I had a brain storm. “It’s Vice with a V as in victory, I-C-E.” We finally have a winner. Nothing rhymes with victory, so it’s pretty hard to misunderstand. Then too, I’d much rather have my name associated with victory than a gang of rogue mice.

I’m ready to experience victory in my spiritual life too. I’ve had enough of defeat and fear and grief. I’m ready to have victory over the enemy that has beaten me down and left me cowering, and even, at times, made me want to give up. So, not long ago I read every single verse in the Bible with the word victory in it and got a huge dose of encouragement.

How about you; are you ready to have victory over the enemy of your soul? If so, hold up a V with both hands and give a victory yell. Let’s get started!

In the next fifty blog entries I’m going to give you my favorite victory verses to savor and claim as your very own. By the end, I hope you are encouraged and revved up for battle!

I want to begin with an insightful quote from Beth Moore:

An obedient life grows from obedient days. Likewise, a victorious life is made up of victorious days. Thankfully, in Christ, the former always leads to the latter. Those who are obedient are those who will also be victorious.
~ in Breaking Free ~