What do you think of when you hear the word “reckless”? I think of reckless drivers, a person who takes unnecessary risks, and who lacks sensitivity to other’s needs or feelings. The dictionary definition says it is: 1. marked by a lack of thought about danger or other possible undesirable consequences, and 2. a disregard for established safety procedures.

            I have a friend who’s reckless. She craves life on the edge. Several years ago she boldly entered the arena of drugs and alcohol – for the thrill of it. But the thrill is wearing off as the consequences mount. It’s not so much fun anymore, but now she’s hooked and doesn’t know how to get back.

            Recently her counselor suggested she satisfy her reckless spirit with less harmful pursuits. Things like surfing, dirt biking, kayaking – to get a high without breaking the law, wrecking relationships, or destroying her health and future.

            This approach gave my friend a sense of hope and freedom in her recovery process. Instead of telling her to be someone she’s not, her counselor redirected her natural bent to a more productive path.

            I wonder if we sometimes stifle potential believers by showcasing, what appears to them, a bland Christianity. Those who are naturally quiet, submissive, cheerful, and law abiding fit the stereotype. But what if a person is wild and impetuous, loud and argumentative, creative and idealistic? Is there room in the Body of Christ for a reckless person?

            Every scripture reference I found with the word reckless was negative. It was pictured as self-seeking and harmful.  

·         Those who choose a reckless path (Numbers 22:32)

·         Reckless scoundrels for hire (Judges 9:4)

·         Reckless words that pierce like swords (Proverbs 12:18)

·         Speaking reckless lies that lead people astray (Jeremiah 23:32)

·         Wild and reckless living (1 Peter 4:4)

            But what if a person gives his reckless inclinations to God to be used for His purposes? Isn’t it reckless to smuggle Bibles into countries where it’s against the law? What about the mother who visits her son’s murderer in prison to befriend him and share Christ’s forgiveness?  What about a believer who sells everything to move across the country and begin a ministry?

            I know people who do such things, not because they’re thrill seekers, but because they’re God seekers. They’re willing to be reckless in order to make His name great. Sometimes God calls people to do dangerous things that might have undesirable consequences. Ever hear of believers being thrown into prison? Their behavior flies in the face of all that is safe and normal.

            My tendency is to play it safe, follow the rules. The recklessness God calls me to may not look daring to anyone else, but it stretches me beyond my comfort zone, where I have to trust God for the outcome.

            Is God calling you to get a little reckless? Are you willing to pray, give, speak, and live for Him with wild abandon? Tell us your story.