Fall Conference Report

Heidi Gaul and I introducing our workshop

I came down with the flu two days before the Oregon Christian Writers Fall Conference where I was scheduled to teach a workshop. God got me there through prayer and two days of intense resting! I’m so glad I didn’t miss it, because Beth Vogt was an excellent keynoter; her writing story was one everyone in the room could relate to in many ways. The main topics were: Expectations (how they can kill our joy) and The Definition of Success. What do you do when the two don’t seem to match up?

Beth K. Vogt
We Two Beths

The Holy Spirit moved in and among us and I came away from the morning sessions filled up and challenged.

Heidi Gaul and I led a critique group workshop, “Critical Spirit of Help from Friends.” Everyone came ready to learn and give. After the short lesson, they went to work in small groups. They had a great time and Heidi brought Lindor truffles to keep us in good spirits.

Home from the conference I’m playing catch up with messages and follow up connections, not to mention piled up laundry and home-work. I’m so glad for these times to connect and refuel. Now I’m anxious to dig in to my writing again and share what God has put on my heart.

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Current Projects

Often seed ideas feel like they are nestled in the most unusual places

I have book and article ideas swimming in my head, and numerous files started on my laptop. No matter what I’m physically doing–be it walking, gardening, reading, or taking time off with family–I am thinking about writing. The two biggies I’m working on right now are: a Divorce Recovery book and a Revelation Bible Study entitled “Good News for Overcomers.” I hope to have both out by spring of 2020.

My goal for the divorce recovery book is to give hope to women going through the trauma of divorce. Each woman’s story is different, yet we go through the same process of healing. My story is woven into each chapter as I come alongside my sisters in pain and address the steps to recovery. Some of those stages are feelings of abandonment, anger, fear, figuring out how to be single, how to parent children who are also hurting (and not always very nice), the need for community, how to figure out if you’re ready (or want) to start dating, the joys and pitfalls of remarriage, and using the comfort you have received to comfort others.

The Revelation Bible study is very application oriented. We’ve been working through it in my Sunday morning small group for about two years now (we have a LOT of meaty discussion!) and it has been amazing! I have learned so much in my own study for this book and the comments of those in our group has solidified my joy and excitement to offer this book to others.

I am also trying to keep up with a weekly blog post, submitting a short piece (devotion or article) every week, and teaching material for upcoming retreats and ministry.

I love what I do! I hope you will stay tuned for more news on The Writing Life of Beth Vice.

I’m the new OCW In-Person Critique Group Coordinator

The biggest event in my career lately has been joining the staff of Oregon Christian Writers as the In-Person Critique Group Coordinator. Heidi Gaul volunteered to be the Orientation Coordinator when members first sign up to be in a group. Gail Sattler is our Online Critique Group Coordinator who gets people matched up with others in their genre. And I am the In-Person Coordinator for OCW members who want to meet face to face.

Our president, Marilyn Rhoads, and current staff have been anxious to provide members with this perk for some time. Our three one-day conferences and four day working conference in the summer are wonderful, but people need contact with other writers on a regular basis to keep growing and not get discouraged.

Our newly formed team spent countless hours February through March creating documents, emailing them back and forth for final edits, and deciding just how we wanted to go about this.

We launched our program in April and immediately started getting sign-ups. After we announced the new critique program at the one-day May conference the response has been non-stop!

It’s exciting to be a part of such a great organization where people are hungry to be the best they can be to glorify the Lord and share His message of hope. I am honored to have this position and be able to interact with many of our members on a daily basis.

Making an announcement at the OCW conference in May
Our president Marilyn Rhoads introducing workshop speakers
My nonfiction workshop members critiquing each other’s writing